Sunday, August 26, 2012

Plein-air efforts of the day.

Plein-air Efforts - Late August. 
6 1/2" x 14 5/8". Oil on birch. 2012. ©
The plein-air efforts of the day!
The garden shed
called to me today
so, I grabbed my paints,
set-up in the yard
enjoyed the warm sunshine,
the cool breezes,
the company of my cat,
and a good challenge.
Cheers, ~ Polly ~

The Artistic Wisdom of Winslow Homer.

Winslow Homer - On a Lee Shore
1900. Oil on canvas. 39" x 39".
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence.
(Image Source: Artchive. )
What they call talent is nothing but the capacity for doing
continuous work in the right way.

~ Winslow Homer
A special side note:
Winslow Homer's Maine studio
is now open to the public.
An artistic pilgrimage 
to this fine Artist's studio
is in order at some point.

Studio Blog's One Year Anniversary!!

August 26, 2012.,
marks the studio blog's
One Year Anniversary!
I would like to share
a few highlights from
the studio blog's first year! 
Highlight #1. Launch of Studio Blog!
Highlight #8. High Summer Show.
Highlight #9. OpSail2012CT.
The second year begins
with wind in my sails
great adventures ahead 
so, please stay tuned
for what's to come!
Here is a little taste of
what is on the easel.
Detail from Binoculars #??? work-in-progress.
Thank you so very much
for your continued
Big Cheers
have a beautiful Sunday,
~ Polly ~

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Colour exercise - Part 2.

Autumn Leaf - Colour Exercise.
14 5/8" x 7 1/2". oil on birch. 2012.

Side by side - Colour Exercise, work in progress.
I decided to use the  
still-life method,
by simply tacking the leaf
to a flat surface of plain white paper
for the background.
It was fun observing
the leaf itself
and its shadow
on the white paper,
which was rather green
because of the sunlit trees
outside the studio.
This was a good exercise to do
which I should practice more often.
Who knows what will be next!
Please stay tuned for more!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~

Colour exercise.

This morning
during my 2 mile walk
I came across the delight of 
a beautifully coloured leaf
which had recently
fallen to the ground,
the first true sign
that Autumn is
on the way.
I couldn't help myself,
like a young child caught in the
leaf's enchantment of
beauty, deep magic and wonder
I immediately picked it up
and thought 'colour exercise!'
All the while
on the walk back home
my thoughts were
consumed with colours
the primaries,
their complements,
the warms and the cools.
So, today I will venture
into the studio
with this beautiful leaf
and let the colours unfold
like leaves falling to the ground.
Let the colour exercise begin!
Stay tuned!!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~

Sunday, August 5, 2012

From the Studio: Photo of the Week, plus update.

And perhaps a 'Blue Phase'

Blue Brushes. 8.3.2012.


 I suppose
most artists
go through a
'Blue Phase'
of some sort,
at some point
during their
creative endeavours.

I must admit
for me
it's a matter of
'how it is/was'
rather than
to try
 play with
experiment with.

I've always had a
'as a matter of fact'
approach towards
my art
and my life.

if this is indeed a
'Blue Phase'
I will happily embrace it
because I've always liked
the colour Blue.

On another note
the blog itself
got a wee bit
of a blue update
this past week
check out the
new blog header.

Stay tuned for more!

Cheers! ~ Polly ~