Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plein-air Efforts of the Day ...

Yesterday's plein-air efforts.
Plein-air / Silver Sunset.
10" x 10". Oil on mdo board. 2013. © 
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Thank you. 
I had a date with Sunset yesterday!!
The two twins Sunrise and Sunset
here at the studio
tend to be the best times of day,
which is perhaps true for everywhere else
 in this beautiful World.
While the anticipation of the Sunset date grew 
I waited patiently for the day to pass by tending 
to the daily chores; tidying the kitchen, a little food shopping,
and of course putting together my ensemble for the Sunset date!
The day seemed slow and as always Sunset shows up on time! 
I had a few locations already chosen and of course Sunset
had something else in mind for me to paint! 
As time was limited I painted earnestly and then
there was this immense wave of urgency to paint,
not just because the light was fading rapidly into night,
but an urgency to paint more, to see more and to live more!! 
It felt like I found my true love (again)
and I can't wait for the next plein-air date
whether it'll be a hit or miss!
Please stay tuned for more what's new from the studio!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Plein-air Efforts of the Day ...

Plein-air / Distant Light.
10" x 10". Oil on mdo board. 2013. ©
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Since the morning, the Sun had been playing some peek-a-boo
and it turned into a waiting game for it to stay out long enough. 
By afternoon the clouds started to break-up, creating some lovely effects
and now as I write this the clouds have almost disappeared!
With today's 'plein-air efforts' I decided to 'keep it simple'
and just focus the lighting effects. 
Please stay tuned for more what's new from the studio!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard 2013!

 Blizzard 2013!
It started during the day,
but in the refuge of the dark hours of the night
it took on its true form! 

The next morning was like waking up to discovering the mess
of somebody else's drunken rampage!
 And so the epic 'Great Dig-Out' begins!
With a little assistance!!
'After every storm the Sun will smile!' ~ William R. Alger
Please stay tuned for what's new from the studio!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~ 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Compositional Challenge ...

Studio Works: Compositional Challenge / Woods and Stream.
8" x 8". Oil on mdo board. 2013. Copyright.
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While at Mohegan Park the other day, after my plein-air efforts 
I walked a bit further up the gravel path to another favourite spot.
The metal and wood planked bridge that spans over a stream.
At this point, I was far too cold (and hungry) to start another painting,
so, I took some photos for reference and compositional purposes.
The diagonal peeked my curiosity - 'Do a diagonal challenge!'
I love the fact that the diagonal visually slices the square panel in half
and the other diagonals counter-balance the extreme of the main one!
I'm looking forward to another plein-air adventure at Mohegan Park!
Please stay tuned for more 'what's new from the studio!'
Cheers, ~ Polly ~

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Plein-air Efforts of the Day ...

Well, yesterday's efforts that is!
 Plein-air / Golden Glow.
10" x 10". Oil on mdo board. 2013. Copyright.

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Thank you!
Despite the temperatures being bitterly cold and otherwise advising
to stay in the comforts of the warm indoors; I dismissed reason,
suited-up, and ventured off to Mohegan Park, a few miles up the road
from the studio for a little plein-air painting excursion.

Aside from the dutiful Sercuity Guard making the appointed rounds,
the park was more-or-less vacant and for good reason; it was cold!
 I said my 'Hello(s)' and carried on to more important business
i.e., finding a spot to claim as my own!
As I walked along the gravel path I allowed myself to just enjoy
the beautiful surroundings and not worrying too much about
finding a spot to paint and then it happened!
The 'Ah-ha!' moment appeared!

The sunlight was dancing in and out of the clouds
and shadows played on the unphased landscape,
creating for some rather striking light, colours and contrast.

From across the wooden bridge,
the golden glow of the winter grasses, won first place!

However, there was another equally lovely scene,
not 40 feet away to my left was biding for my attention;
I decided, why not combine the two!?!

 First place: the Golden Glow!
Roughing in composition, colours, and values. 

Second place: Golden Glow with foreground. 
Roughing in the location of the trees.
You may notice I took the liberty of
omitting a few things and creating a few things.
Afterall it is Artistic License!
Well, I hope you stick around for more
what's new and maybe old the studio!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Plein-air Efforts of the Day ...

Plein-air / At the Edge.
10" x 10". Oil on mdo board. 2013. Copyright.
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Thank you!
'Dying is Teaching Us How to Live.' ~ Enigma.
There is nothing quite like hearing the news of someone 
passing away, on to next the realm - whatever that may be? 
To make you feel that much more alive.
Though, the person I speak of I never really knew, 
only through stories, but that kind of news
does make you stop and think for a few moments.
And plein-air painting makes one feel so alive
and connected to the moment.
Choice for plein-air efforts!

Roughing out the composition, colours and values.
I close out with the above quote/lyric's song ...
Cheers, ~ Polly ~

Momentary Abstraction ...

Detail of Palette and Brushes: Momentry Abstraction.
Mornings are often the times when I stumble upon little abstractions
that have quietly occurred in the feverish moments of painting in the studio.
This little moment will soon succumb to being lost forever in time.
Which humbly reminds me that nothing is permanent
to truly immerse oneself in the moment
to enjoy all that there is in the moment!
Happy Weekend to you all!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~

Friday, February 1, 2013

Artist on Artist: Interview with Gray Park.

This month I have the great pleasure in featuring plein-air painter, Gray Park. Park's work has resonated with me for a long time because his paintings have a strong sense of light and are unencumbered, playful and are truthful to the landscape.

Here is a brief biography from his website

"H. Gray Park, IV was born in 1972 and at a young age he was identified as having a natural artistic talent. He was placed in gifted and talented programs in Elementary School and his interest and love of painting was advanced in High School at the Norwich Free Academy where he majored in Art. In 1994 he received his BFA from the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, Md. During his third year, he spent four months in England at the Winchester School of Art. At a later date he returned to Europe and spent several months painting in Scotland. Here he was inspired by the colors and shapes of the boats in fishing villages. As a Plein-air painter, Gray is known for his large marsh and coastal landscapes. He lives in Ledyard, Connecticut where he has a studio, but the majority of his work is done outside. He has been inspired by the works of Fairfield Porter, Edward Hopper, George Nick and Wayne Thiebaud. His other interests include: History, rebuilding wooden boats, sailing and coaching ice hockey. Since 1989 Gray has participated in multiple group exhibitions and one-man shows, winning several major awards including: The Museum Purchase Award – 2009, Award of Excellence – 2005 and the Stobart Foundation Award – 2004 at The Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport, Mystic CT; Best In Show – 1995, Mystic Arts Center, Mystic, CT; and The Newton Perkins Medal 1990, The Norwich Free Academy."

And now without further delay, here is the interview along with images of his works!

And now without further delay, here is the interview along with images of his works!

Gray infront of his painting 'Water Lillies'

Polly: Would you describe your earliest memories as an artist?

Gray: Sitting at a table, drawing something and was told I was going to be an artist. I was 2.

December Sunset. 34" x 36". 2011.

Polly: Would you describe your style and methods?

Gray: Representative. Painterly. Landscape.

Seam. 34" x 36". 2012.

Polly: Who are some favourite artists of yours and what is about their work you admire?

Gray: Sargent; for making paint look real. Gerhardt Ritcher; going from Realism to Abstract.

Polly: Many people are curious to know how artists work - What paints, palette, brushes, supports, materials, and mediums etc, do you prefer?

Gray: Oil on Linen. Gamsal and Stand Oil.

Lamb Farm. 34" x 36". 2011.

Polly: What interests you most (in terms of subject and theme) as an artist and why?

Gray: Landscape of the woods, grasses and fields. I like the way the light hits the tress. It also me back to when I was a youngster.

Spring Grasses. 34" x 36". 2012.
Polly: What has been most challenging for you as an artist?

Gray: Making myself get all the gear ready to go out and paint.

Polly: Who has been the greatest support to you as an artist and how?

Gray: Friends and Family - always gave me good construction criticism.

Turkey Crossing. 34" x 36". 2011.

Polly: Please share with us some information about your influences.

Gray: The Marsh. The Woods. Antique Trucks. Classic Color Car and Truck colors.

Polly: Why do you make art? Why is it Important?

Gray: I make Art to show the world Beauty.

Stonington Meadow. 34" x 36". 2011.

Polly: What does painting mean to you?

Gray: Creativity through a new image.

Polly: Could you tell us about your education and training?

Gray: Norwich Free Academy. Maryland Institute College of Art - BFA 1994. Self-Taught.

Tipping Rock. 34" x 36". 2012.

Polly: And lastly, what words of wisdom would you offer to young artists?

Gray: Keep following your insight.

Thank you again, Gray! To learn more about his work and to see images, please visit his website at