Thursday, March 27, 2014

Plein-air and Studio Efforts ...

Plein-air and Studio Efforts - 'Hazy Day'
24" x 30". Oil on Sandply Panel. 2014. Copyright.

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The chosen location and time of day,
just down the road from my studio!

I love atmospheric perspective!

And it was a classic late summer kind of day; 
hazy, hot, and humid!!

Though, later that day the weather changed dramatically 
and pushed all of the humidity out of the area,
taking away the original atmosphere 
I was drawn too. 

With the humidity gone, I still went 
to the site to rough out the composition.

The weather changed yet again while I was on location 
and the sun disappeared behind the clouds
making my plein-air efforts seemingly futile. 

 After the day of my plein-air efforts;
 the hazy, hot and humid weather 
which I was enjoying so much
did not return for the rest of the season,
so, I put the painting to the side in the studio
with the intention of finishing it at some point.

Recently, I started thinking about this piece again and
was also feeling the need to take a break from my Binoculars paintings
which I've been working on for the last several weeks.

I felt more compelled to work from my memory and imagination
and to just have fun and play with the paint rather
than rely on my original reference photo because the painting
already had the important information I needed.

Revisiting 'Hazy Day' on the easel ...

'Hazy Day' work-in-progress ...

Detail shot of some palette knife work ...

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Thank you and Cheers, ~ Polly ~