Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sky and Water ...

Binoculars #160 - View from Weekapaug Point, RI
10" x 60". oil on mdo board. 2011.
Currently on display at the Cate Charles Gallery

As the very short sailing season here in New England comes to a near halt,
 the open waters tend to be rather vacant of boating activities and in some ways lonely,
leaving much room for the imagination of reflection and wonderment.

The Sky and the Water are the backdrops for the Binoculars Series. 
As the seasons change for the warmer Summer days to the cooler and colder months of Autumn and Winter, there are more vistas of cloud laden skies with bright sparkling waters. 

As long as I can remember, I have always had a natural affinity for the Sky and the Water.
I suppose my love for the Sky stems from having grown up in Pittsburgh, PA, where nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains the most beautiful skies would and do occur over head.  

My love for the Water goes back to when I was a kid of 4 or 5, when my family would vacation along the shores of Lake Erie, in Dundalk, New York. I fondly remember the Lake, building sand castles and swimming around in monstrous truck inner tubes that my Dad would collect for Summer use.  

The open Sky and the open Water offer themselves freely 
to think, to marvel, to wonder, to reflect, to explore, to appreciate,
to feel free, to feel open just as the Sky and Water.

It only seems natural to incorporate more
Sky and Water pieces within the Binoculars Series.

Thank you and Cheers!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Palette ...

As a dear friend of mine said ... "By chance, yet planned."

The Palette is where it all happens!

This morning as I was just starting to gear up for a day in the studio and
happily looking at a freshly cleaned palette, a classic 'Ah-Ha!' moment struck my mind!!

A 'new' Studio blog header was staring right back at me in the face!!

So, after a few attempts of getting the writting just so and placement correct, and a few carefully arranged brushes, here we have the new Studio blog header!!

Well with the excitement of the 'Ah-Ha!' moment still fresh in the air, 
I'm off to the studio to paint!!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumn backyard Light.

Plein-air - Autumn backyard Light.
8 1/4" x 17". oil on birch. 
A quick little sketch of the early evening light coming into the backyard.
I had not done a plein-air painting in a long while.
I was convincing myself I 'needed' a car in order to go plein-air painting.
This reason was becoming too much of a crutch.
Something I'd hope would never happen.
So, the crutch has been kicked out of my mind-set!
I have everything I need.
A beautiful yard.
The daily (more-or-less) routine of plein-air paitning is something that I've missed dearly.
And want very much to get back into.
The days of when I had a car I was constantly creating new works,
going to new places, showing them and even selling.

Today, I made a promise to myself ...
I am an artist.
I should paint as often as I can no matter what!
I'll paint what is close to me.
The backyard will an outlet for plein-air painting.
Fruits and veggies will make for still-life(s).
The street lights will make for night scenes. 
The Light here is wondrous inside and outside anytime of day!

So, as I sit here and realise how rusty I am at plein-air painting.
I am willing to be kind to myself and enjoy the process of feeling like a beginner again.

The drought is over!

The rain has come!

I will grow again!

And I hope to show you all just how beautiful the Light is!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Binoculars Series goes 'Green'!

Some of you may or may not know that I have not a had a car of my own for a number of years.
Simple reasons; I have never been able to afford one. So, I have become dependent on the kindness
of others, mainly my sister and my boyfriend, to help me get around to my favourite Binocular locations so, the series can stay alive until the day when I can afford a car of my own. 

I have always had a passion for riding bicycles and as a kid often dreamed of becoming a Professional cyclist. This Trek 4100 MTB, though not a road bike (which I would like to have), was a very special gift to myself back in 2003 when the Binoculars Series had it's first taste of success!!

My bike has travelled the country roads and Hop River Bike Trail of CT, all between Watch Hill and Weekapaug Point RI, all around Block Island and the bestest bike trip to date on the
Great Allegheny Passage in Southwestern PA and Northwestern MD with friends and family.  

So, today, I finally entertained an idea that I've had for a long while ... 'ride my bike down to Avery Point on a beautiful Sunday (less traffic) and gather some material for the Binoculars Series'.

I'm happy it was a warm and sparkley Sunday.

I'm happy I rode myself down to a favourite spot.

I'm happy with the material I collected.

I'm happy I rode a total of 21 miles!

And I'm even happier to say that the Binoculars
that will result from this special bike trip
will have half the carbon footprint

Go Green!