Monday, January 2, 2012

An old friendship and a new year ...

Come together for a special sojourn

My dearest friend, Gavin,
from the Lyme Academy College days
came up from Maryland for a short sojourn
and to ring in the New Year!!

ideas and thoughts,
hopes and dreams 
about our art
were shared over
coffee and orange juice,
and a very delish breakfast
at an old favourite haunt
"The Paperback Cafe"

new horizons
with the prospect
of triumph ahead
filled both our hearts
with anticipation
of what is to come!

And in the excitement
of knowing new horizons
await for the both of us
quiet details spoke volumes to us.

We journeyed
along the path 
of many before us
who celebrated

Love for Life


Love for Light.

Gavin's collection of loose leaf teas
was shared, sampled and greatly enjoyed.

And somewhere in between
each savoury sip
"The Majesty of Innocence"
was born.  


There was a day where
almost no photos were taken. 
Perhaps it was because 
the rainy sleepy day
that greeted us in the morning
did not invite the taking out of our cameras,
or because we so enjoyed the company
of another artist friends,
we simply forgot,
the smiles and laughs
between kindred Spirit's
will forever be etched
in our memories.

The ringing in 
of the New Year
was celebrated
by stepping outside
creating a great
clattering and banging
of a pot and a wooden spoon
a tradition I grew up with.


We woke
the next morning
ready to start
with moxie.

The Sunday morning
jazz session at the
"Paperback Cafe"
put rhythm in our
feet and minds
over another delish breakfast! 


the bittersweet
time to say
and of
Hugs and Kisses
came too soon 
was dutifully exchanged 



Until the next sojourn!!

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Anonymous said...

Polly, Looks like a lovely reunion ! i always loved the paperback cafe and their incredible omelets. YUM !!!!