Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Studio Exposed!

The Studio is now exposed!!

It's not everyday one gets to have the opportunity
for a little press coverage, especially an entire article!

I'm so pleased to share with you all the article 
Carrie Jacobson, editor of the Montville Patch,
so kindly wrote about me, my art and the studio.

I would like to thank Carrie once more
for the wonderful opportunity of exposing
my art and studio to the World!

Please feel free to pepper me with any questions you may have
about me, my art, the studio and whatever else you're curious about, 
by posting in the comment section (you'll need to be a follower)
and I will collect and sort through your questions by
following up with a Q&A blog post with
your questions and commentary.

Thank you all for your wonderful patronage!!

Cheers, ~ Polly ~


Gavin said...

Wonderful Polly!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh, Polly, how fantastic and what an inspiring, beautiful space in which to create!


Anonymous said...

As a seasoned sailor, when I hear that you are on the " north shore of Long Island Sound " I immediately think you are located in NY on Long Island. If you are in the New London area, we sailors consider that "Eastern Long Island Sound.". If you do not want to be considered " a New Yorker", I would change your website bio. My humble opinion.

Seip Fine Art said...

Thank you for your humble opinion Anon ... I will consider the change.

GT said...

Its so cool to get to see you in 'Your Space' Polly, Makes me wish I was there with you! Not doing or saying anything, only watching a master at work and connecting with you as you work in your world.

Wonderful stuff my dear truly wonderful.

SeipFineArt said...

GT, your words are always so encouraging and supportive, thank you my dear friend! Yours words remind me of a time when I was plein-air painting many years ago; a quiet, shy little 8 year old boy, watched me paint from start to finish and even though, I've been watched from over the shoulder a number of times before, that experience with the little boy, was one of the sweetest 'connections'. He was so shy and yet so curious he just watched in his quiet polite manner ... I'll never forget that!