Friday, November 1, 2013

Look Where We Are Now ...

Landscape / 'Look Where We Are Now'
30" x 18". Oil on Birch Panel. 2013.
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Thank you.
It's been a very long while since the last blog post.
So, I have a treat for you - I thought I'd share the process
of a new piece which I just finished this morning.
This piece was mostly executed with 2 different palette knives,
which is somewhat unusual of me, to favour the palette knife
almost exclusively during the creation of a painting. 
The beginning stage, 'covering territory' as I call it 
was done with one 2" brush, where a dark wash was applied many times,
by turning the piece 'upside-down', so, that the wash could run down the
panel and into the sky region ... giving the illusion of trees in the distance.
Initially, I was very nervous about this piece because it's
a wooded scene and foresty scenes tend to be very difficult to paint.
But, I focused on the piece and as I did, it quickly became fun
and morphed into a rather freeing experience. 
The title for this piece was inspired by the musical tune
'Look Where We Are Now' by Richard Burmer. 
Which incidently and unbeknownst to me at the time of titling my piece,
 the description behind Richard Burmer's 'Look Where We Are Now' is as follows ...

Look Where We Are Now by Richard Burmer. 
"The description of a classic day-dream: In the woods on a summer day, sunshine
breaking through the limbs of trees, lying back and closing my eyes." RB.

I found that to be interesting, because I've listened to the tune on and off
for years and never knew of its background, until now.

The palette with a wash mix. 
Covering territory of the blank panel with paint.
Working the overall composition and values.
Refine tuning composition and values.
Detail of palette knife/paint texture.
Almost finished!!
Please stay tuned for more what's new from the studio!!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~