Friday, March 20, 2015

Celebrate Spring!

'Celebrate Spring'

 Binoculars #195 - In the Lead.
20" x 72". Oil on Gessoed Sandeply Panel. 2015.


It was a sweet scene of four young sailors that unfolded before me as I was out sailing with my family in Stonington Harbor (the land mass in the background is Napatree Point of Watch Hill, RI); the young sailors were learning how to prefect their sailing skills. It was a pleasure observing them as they maneuvered their assigned boats on the water, tacking their way back and forth across the harbor filling their sails with wind; at certain points it almost seemed as if they were jockeying and racing for the lead position, even though it was just a sailing lesson. And as they followed in the wake of the training boat, there were moments where their line up was rather reminiscent to that of how ducklings look as they follow their mother in the springtime.
 It was a most perfect day for being out on the water!

Binoculars #195 - In the Lead, is currently on display and available for sale at
Susan Powell Fine Art