Thursday, September 29, 2011

An Unintentional Hiatus

It has been a little while since my post. I was hoping to follow up with an entertaining one full of Q&A's for you all, though seeing that the article did not garner any questions, that ambition will have to wait for another time ...

An intentional hiatus .... a lesson I learned from this past winter and early spring. Three months which consumed the most time away from the studio that I ever experienced. During those months of not being in the studio, let alone not touching a paint brush, I allowed myself to become consumed with resentment and self pity. I knew my attitude was not good, so, I did my very best to ditch that mind-set and said to myself 'An intentional hiatus can be a good thing!' and I was instantly at peace.

When I returned to the studio in June, the palette was caked with hard dry paint and had a decent layer of dust on it. The studio received ample attention of a good thorough cleaning. There was energy bursting in the studio, blank panels jumped on the easel for their turn and off the easel to make room for the next one. I was a happy painting fiend! The following 6 weeks procured 12 new finished/framed Binoculars paintings, all varying in sizes and delivered to galleries - some of the Binoculars now happily reside in their new homes!

In contrast, efforts in the studio this week have been sporadic though very productive ..... and the next coming weeks will mostly likely be in the same manner ... I have been called away from the studio again to help with a job, that will help in turn bring food to the table among other things.

Though this time around ... things will be very different, I will keep my palette dust free!

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