Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A View from Avery Point.

Binoculars #132. View from Avery Point (Day Sailor).
8" x 48". oil on mdo board. 2010. Copyright. 
On display at the Sylvan Gallery 

Avery Point, is located at the mouth of the Thames River on the eastern side of Groton CT (which also home to the UConn Avery Point campus), has been a great source of inspiration for my 'Binoculars' series for many years. The view from Avery Point is spectacular and offers loads of inspirational sources; Long Island and Fisher's Island Sound(s), the eastern end of Long Island, Fisher's Island, five lighthouses; New London Harbor Lighthouse, New London Ledge LightLittle Gull Island LighthouseRace Rock Lighthouse (my personal favourite) and last, but not least North Dumpling Lighthouse, all of which can be seen from varying points along Avery Point's coastline, and many other little islands and reefs peppered along the Sound(s).  

What makes Avery Point ideal for the 'Binoculars' series, is not only the wonderful backdrop of the Sounds, islands and lighthouses, but the great diversity of vessels which can be seen passing through or in and around the mouth of the Thames River; everything from tankers to tug n' tows, from cruise ships to tall ships, from New London ferries to Block Island ferries, from wooden schooners to classic yachts, from trawlers to power-boats, from skipjacks to sunfish and from jet-skies to 'yakers' aka kayakers ... all of which makes for challenging and great compositional work.

I would be remiss, if I did not mention that the wildlife at Avery Point also offers terrific inspiration; the seagulls, egrets, osprey and cormorants lend themselves for that added compositional interest and element of fun!! 

Binoculars #145. View from Avery Point (Sunset Cruise).
10" x 45". oil on mdo board. 2011. Copyright.
On display at the Cate Charles Gallery 

Cate Charles Gallery.
147 Water St.
Stonington, CT. 06378

Sylvan Gallery.
121 West Main St.
Clinton. CT. 06413.

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