Sunday, October 9, 2011

Binoculars Series goes 'Green'!

Some of you may or may not know that I have not a had a car of my own for a number of years.
Simple reasons; I have never been able to afford one. So, I have become dependent on the kindness
of others, mainly my sister and my boyfriend, to help me get around to my favourite Binocular locations so, the series can stay alive until the day when I can afford a car of my own. 

I have always had a passion for riding bicycles and as a kid often dreamed of becoming a Professional cyclist. This Trek 4100 MTB, though not a road bike (which I would like to have), was a very special gift to myself back in 2003 when the Binoculars Series had it's first taste of success!!

My bike has travelled the country roads and Hop River Bike Trail of CT, all between Watch Hill and Weekapaug Point RI, all around Block Island and the bestest bike trip to date on the
Great Allegheny Passage in Southwestern PA and Northwestern MD with friends and family.  

So, today, I finally entertained an idea that I've had for a long while ... 'ride my bike down to Avery Point on a beautiful Sunday (less traffic) and gather some material for the Binoculars Series'.

I'm happy it was a warm and sparkley Sunday.

I'm happy I rode myself down to a favourite spot.

I'm happy with the material I collected.

I'm happy I rode a total of 21 miles!

And I'm even happier to say that the Binoculars
that will result from this special bike trip
will have half the carbon footprint

Go Green!

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