Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hello and Welcome and Thank you!

Hello and Welcome to my studio blog!!

It thrills me to my bones that you have taken the time out of your day to stop by and check out my little studio blog, it means the World to me! I do realise that there is not much here of interest or excitement at the moment, though there are exciting things on the horizon to be seen and discovered ... please see my (rather) lengthy list below of things waiting to be blogged, to be talked and discussed and to simply happen!

Here is where I hope to share with you the adventures from the studio and Life itself; plein-air painting trips, working in the studio, the binoculars series, shows, openings, galleries, thoughts and ideas about paintings, new paintings - old paintings, meeting other artists, sharing the work and lives of another artists, dead or alive (one of my favourite things to do), the Artist's Spirit Foundation, the evolution of the studio blog, books, random thoughts, beautiful places of interests, websites of interest, hot and exciting art happening, the importance of supporting your local art community, discuss the art community, what it's like to be an artist during this zeitgeist, and perhaps some reflections and offerings on Life itself.

So, as this Artistic Life happens and moves forward, I plan on making the most it by sharing it all with you as best as I can, so I hope you stick around for what's to come!

Once again, thank you all for visiting the studio blog and for your continued interest and patronage in my work!

And a special thanks goes to those who have become followers of my blog, thank you indeed!!!

Cheers and Best Regards,

~ Polly ~

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