Sunday, September 4, 2011

Winds have changed ...

As they so often do ... we learn to adjust our sails to keep moving forward and enjoy the journey! 

Having launched this little blog of mine just days before hurricane Irene showed up, threw everything off course. No power for 4 days and no cable for a week, gave me time to reflect on how much I've become dependent on the use of the internet and at the same it gave me a chance to enjoy the real pleasures of Life, coffee brewed over a campsite burner, walks around the neighbourhood and down to the river, and falling asleep by candle light.

So, here I am, once again back to normal state of affairs; brewing coffee in the kitchen instead of outside, hot showers instead of cold and the entertainment of the internet instead of the old fashioned and creative ways.  I am now entertaining myself by learning and tending to the blogging process, among other things! 

Like the wind ... things may change around here ... but remember it is the journey that counts moreso than the destination ... perhaps we'll discover new islands full of wonder along the way ... so please stay on board!


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