Friday, September 16, 2011

Ideas, Plans, and What's To Come!!

After a couple of weeks of not painting consistently at the easel, partial thanks goes to Tropical Storm Irene and the mess it left behind, and to the non-exsistent supply of mdo (medium density overlay) board. I'm ready to get back in the studio again!!

Now that Irene's mess is all tidy-up and the mdo board supply has been replinshed and is on standby (in the studio right now!) anixously waiting to be used! The ideas for new works, new binoculars, are queuing up fast and already jockeying for position to be the first on the easel! There is a fervor of ideas building up and I love it!

The master plan is to be a painting fiend (well, not exactly - let's be realistic now) and create another 'batch' of Binoculars! Going back a bit to earlier this year, at the time of it's creation Binoculars #140 was the largest bino yet (bino for short) measuring up to 10" x 60". I had been itching to go larger with the binos and I pleased to hear during the course of this past Summer that it's size was well received by many. In this set of new panels there are 4 10" x 60" panels. These will be reserved for 'major' pieces.

Another news of interest on the horizon, which I'm very excited about - is back in the Summer, the Editor of the Montville Patch, Carrie Jacobson, offered to do an article on me after a brief courtship of emailings. And between all that while reading her stories on the Patch, I was pleasently surprised to discover that Carrie was an artist as well and that she would be tending to her own booth at the Mystic Outdoor Arts Festival this summer. So, I made the effort to meet Carrie at her booth and at once I could sense her zest for life and her artistic spirit which resonates through her new found passion of palette knife painting. She keeps a blog The Accidental Artist on her artistic Life and you can see her works for sale.

After our delightful first meeting in the flesh, we managed to coordinate a time (just days before Irene showed up) to have the interview at the studio, which was super fun and no spoilers from me, you'll just have to wait to read the article yourself! And speaking of which, I recently learned that Carrie plans on publishing the story next week on Sept 20th ... oh so exciting!

On that happy note ... please stay tuned for what's to come!!

Cheers, ~ Polly ~

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