Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Out for a Sail ...

Binoculars #137. View from Avery Point.
'Out for a Sail' (Just cruising)
8" x 48". oil on mdo board. 2011-12. © Copyright. 

Binoculars #137 - Detail.


Nice warm winds, calm waters, and sunny,
the perfect summer day to be
'Out for a Sail'

Far out on the horizon,
sails slowly, sometimes quickly,
make their way along to the rhythm
of the warm sea breezes
carrying the sound of laughter
and crying seagulls,
over the waves gently
lapping at the shore.

 Binoculars #162. View from Avery Point.
'Out for a Sail.' (Out fishing)
8" x 48". oil on mdo board. 2012. © Copyright.

 Binoculars #162 - Detail.

Binoculars #162 - Detail.

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Kiera said...

Sounds cliché and repetitive but I love them. Lots of great detail in them too which is always a bonus in my humble opinion. I only wish they were on my wall.

Seip Fine Art said...

Kiera, your comments are always welcomed and greatly appreciated! Thank you my dear!

By the way, did you happen to spot the time your comment was posted 2:22 ...