Tuesday, January 24, 2012

US Cutter Returns to Home Port after Euporean Voyage.

Binoculars #163 - View from Avery Point.
US Cutter Eagle Returns to Home Port after European Voyage.
10" x 60". oil on mdo board. 2011-12. Copyright.


       Let me take you back to
this past summer - mid August.

I was heading back to the studio
after having just delivered a number of
new pieces to the Cate Charles Gallery
when I decided to a pay visit to a
favourite Binocular location of mine.
Avery Point, Groton CT.

Avery Point always has something good to offer.

Unbeknownst to me
 awaited a rather sweet surprise.

just off shore, 
on the New London side
was the 'Eagle'
the US Coast Guard Cutter.

Detail: Binoculars #163 - View from Avery Point.

Seeing her impressive silhouette
anchored there in the
bright sparkling water
being greeted with a fervour of
on-lookers, hellos, cheers,
and welcoming's home
filled my Spirit up with much
delight, excitement 
and inspiration.

Apparently, she had just returned 
from a 3 month European voyage.

Gallery Location to be Announced!

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