Sunday, February 26, 2012

From the Studio: Photo of the Week.

'Roughing It'. Feb, 24 2012. - Me plein-air painting.


In a previous blog post,
I mentioned I'd been become 
a little rusty at plein-air painting.

For the past few years I'd given myself
a number of reasons and excuses 
to believe in why I couldn't go plein-air painting.

Though in my heart of hearts
I knew none of them to be true.  

None of them held any ground any longer.

For my love for plein-air painting
had never tarnished.

Like a coveted dream it was always there.  

Determined to bring back
the shine I once had,
I've promised myself
to plein-air paint
as much as possible.

I believe in a good balance.

A good balance of
studio and plein-air painting,
working hand in hand,
each brush stroke helping the next
to become more refined and more skilled.

These are the efforts to become
a better painter all around.

Cheers, ~ Polly ~


Katherine Thomas said...

Ohh, What an inspiring post! You will get your shine back and it will be brighter and more vivid than it ever was before, I'm sure of it. I like the line about each brush stroke contributing to the next. Painting is such a metaphor for life, isn't it?

Seip Fine Art said...

Hey there Katherine!

Thank you so much for your following and for your kind words as well ... I'm truly touched by your encouragement! And yes, I agree with you, painting is a wonderful metaphor for Life!

The more brush mileage, the better you get!!

Happy Painting and Cheers, ~ Polly ~