Friday, February 10, 2012

Last Light at Mohegan Park.

Last Light at Mohegan Park.
10" x 10". oil on mdo board. 2012.
© Copyright.

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Had the wonderful
opportunity yesterday
to go plein-air painting
with fellow and veteran 
plein-air artist, Gray Park.

We ventured off to Mohegan Park,
not too far from my studio.

This was Gray's first time to the park
and it was my first time painting at the park.

There were a number of good spots to
choose from and with the winter Sun
quickly descending in the sky
spots had to be chosen.

The day was bright and sunny
slightly warm in the sun,
but with a winter chill in the air. 

The wonderful thing about
plein-air painting is that
it gives you the opportunity
to stay focused on the 'now'.

You're completely connected
to the moment in front of you
as it ever changes and evolves,
something which seems
to be difficult to
attain in these modern times. 

The plein-air, the 'now', bug is back!

Gray keeping his cold fingers moving
by making quick work of the fading light.

At the end of day,
when your painting gear is packed away
and all you can think about is heading home
and having a nice cup of hot tea,
the only thing that really matters
whether you're happy or not
with your new piece,
is gaining brush mileage!


Sarah Seip said...

Glad the bug is back!

Seip Fine Art said...

Yes, me too!!