Thursday, February 16, 2012

From Studio to Gallery.

Pieces are now available at the

147. Water Street.
Stonington, CT. 06378.

 Binoculars #137 - View from Avery Point. (Out for a Sail)
8" x 48". oil mdo board. 2011-12. © Copyright.

Binoculars #141 - View from Avery Point. (A good catch.)
8" x 48". oil mdo board. 2011. © Copyright.

 Binoculars #150 - View from Eastern Point. (Twilight Cruise) 
8" x 60". oil mdo board. 2011. © Copyright.

Binoculars #162 - View from Avery Point. (Out for a Sail)
8" x 48". oil mdo board. 2012. © Copyright.

If interested, please contact the gallery
for pricing and shipping options.

Thank you.


Before paintings leave the studio for the gallery
they begin the last process of documenting and presentation.

Paintings are signed, dated, titled, dry, varnished, and
recieve a thorough inspection before they head off to the woodshop
for framing where they'll wait for their custom fit to be made.

Hand selected poplar is milled into a contemporary
floating framestock of my design, in the studio's woodshop.

The frames undergo the same treatment as the paintings.

They are fitted, mitered, joined, glued, sanded, waxed,
and recieve a final seal of approval before paintings are set
into their frames where they will be showcased to the World! 

Each painting is then photographed multiple times
for the closest possible match to the actual piece.

The images are then photoshopped for id-ing and
a little extra fine tuning on the matching if needed.

The last and final step, delivery to the Gallery.

For all the World to see.


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Polly..... as one lucky enough to own one of your series, I can truly say that your art enriches my home and my days. Thank you!!!


Seip Fine Art said...

Dearest Allison ... likewise my beautiful friend ... it is an honour to have the warm and loving Spirit of your creative hands so close! Thank you!! =)

Hugs, ~ Polly ~