Sunday, January 1, 2012

New beginnings in a special New Year!!

Happy 2012!!

the year
all of us
have been
waiting for!

A new year calls for new beginnings
and with every new beginning,
calls for valour, moxie
and a bit of faith.

Nothing breathes more Life into
one's Spirit than a fresh and clean start!

My New Year's
wish for everyone is ... 

May this year have a bounty 

of wonderful changes
embraced with open
arms, hearts and minds!

of new beginnings
which evolve into more
and greater new beginnings.

of old dreams come true,
the birth of new dreams.

of shedding old thoughts
and growing new thoughts.

of realizing true
peace and happiness,
are real and attainable.

And it all can be had



Big Cheers!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post... and what a wonderful creation of new memories. Love the lighthouse; love the Asti; love the brick path; love the concept of the Paperback Cafe.

Seip Fine Art said...

Thank you Anon, I'm glad you enjoyed the post so much! Cheers and Happy New Year to you!