Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shadows falling on Snow.

This 2011-12 Winter has been unusally
mild for the New England region,
compared to the past several winters
which have been bitterly cold 
and where it seemed to snow
almost everyday.

A few days ago, ol' man Winter and
 his favourite companion, Snow,
came for a long over due visit.

The Juncos, Cardinals, Sparrows,
Wrens, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers
and the like all hopped to it,
they were in a feeding frenzy
for they knew there was snow
and lots more of it on the way.

Much of yesterday was spent by keeping the trenches clear 
which was fueled by a number of cups filled
with steaming hot chocolate.

This morning we were greeted with
bright silvery Sunshine
and a fresh blanket of deep snow.

A deep blanket which will be
greatly appreciated by all
the sleeping beauties of the Spring
nestled deep in the ground,
Grape Hyacinths,
Lily of the Valley,
Snow Drops,

The fresh snow also gave me a chance
to play with the new studio camera as well!


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