Friday, April 13, 2012

A string of events ...

Binoculars #167 - View from Eastern Point - Spinnakers Race with the Wind.
10" x 60". Oil mdo board. 2012. Copyright.

Gallery location to be announced.


A string of events has kept me away
from the easel in recent weeks.
though it has not dampened the
creative ideas from flowing nor
the desire to get back into the studio
to paint, paint, paint!

Event 1.
Some home improvement took center stage,
a long awaited plumbing project was finally tackled! 

Event 2.
Shortly after the project was taken care,
 came down with some cold/flu/virus 
which was like none other.
It had me out for a good solid 10 days
and is still kicking around
with some residual effects.

Event 3.
Between the many hours of sleep
and when awake somewhere in between
all the sneezing and coughing fits,
 managed to accomplish a few things of importance.

1. Applied for the Amercian Society of Marine Artists
Signature Membership: a prestigious honour
to any marine artist, if granted.

2. In the process of applying
for ASMA Signature Membership
required a rewrite of the Binoculars Statement.
A blessing in disguise because
all along I knew it needed something.
(see below for the final statement)

3. Managed to do some painting, thankfully!

Event 4.
Naturally after any
home improvement projects
and overall feeling better,
the home project tasking
continues with the finishing touches
among other things as well.

So, in the next couple of weeks
there will be more production from the studio!

Please stay tuned!


Binoculars Series Statement (revisited) ...
I have always had an affinity for light, water, nature and atmospheric perspective, and the genre of plein-air painting has enabled me to combine this with an artistic direction that is both challenging and satisfying. The Binoculars series, first created in 2003, is a contemporary marine art series inspired by the desire to fuse both studio and plein-air works, celebrating all watercraft: from the hard-working tugboat to the leisurely sailing yacht, from massive tankers to little sunfish dinghies, and everything in between. The Binoculars' field of vision is limitless and continues to broaden my artistic boundaries, challenging me to explore new formats, new ways of handling paint and helping me keep a fresh and alert eye on the ever-changing vista of the Binoculars' field of vision.


Here is a little something from 
what is next to come off the easel!

Detail shot from Binoculars #166.

Cheers and Enjoy! ~ Polly ~

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