Sunday, April 1, 2012

From the Studio: Photo of the Week and some reflections

'The Field of Vision is Limitless' - March 31, 2012.
From the Grace Magazine - February/March Issue.
 Portrait of the Artist - Article.


Last month I had the honour of being featured in the
Grace Magazine February-March 2012 issue.

The following days of when it came out
were exciting to say the least.

First order of business was to collect
a good number of copies.

Then select a few close friends and family 
to be on the receiving end of getting their own copy,
and for the sake of posterity.

Lastly, send out a very thankful email
to Amy Barry, the journalist who so kindly
ask to write about me and my art. 

Even had one copy framed to grace the studio walls 
to keep as a reminder as to when times are hard and
things seem as bleak as a cold winter's night,
it is paramount to persevere because 


I am an Artist,
art is what I do,
through thick and thin
my field of vision is

Cheers, ~ Polly ~


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