Sunday, April 22, 2012

From the Studio: Photo of the Week, plus update.

Paint Bag and OpSail 2000 - April 18, 2012.


The cold/virus/whatever it was I had,
is finally gone!!
I still get a little stuffy here and there,
but certainly not to the degree
of being sick anymore.


As mentioned in the 
previous blog post
big plans are ahead!

The next coming weeks I will be
getting busy and locking myself in the studio,
focusing on a new set of Binoculars paintings
for an up-coming 2 person show this June.
Updates on the progress will be posted!
I'm soo terribly excited and sooo nervous!


The photo above is of my trusty paint bag,
a quiet and faithful companion that has travelled
the World with me since 1996.

I stitched on the OpSail 2000 logo
from a t-shirt I purchased at the event
in 2000, with the hopes of being able to 
attend every OpSail event
and stitch each year onto the paint bag
alas, that hope was never fulfilled.

But ...

But ...

this year will be different,
the paint bag will have new 
OpSail logo stitched onto it!!

There is quite the buzz going on 
around town about this year's OpSail event.

There is a plein-air competition
being held by the
only maritime gallery in
New London,
The Gallery at Firehouse Square,
which I plan submitting work to!
And even if my work is not
accepted I still plan on
going to the OpSail event!

Busy times are ahead, indeed!

Big Cheers, ~ Polly ~

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