Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fresh off the easel!

Summer Fun!
(Is just around the corner!)

 Binoculars #166 - View from Avery Point - Summer Fun!
10" x 60". Oil on mdo board. 2011/12. Copyright.©

for the up-coming show
at the Cate Charles Gallery.

I love having fun
I enjoy watching
other people have fun too!

You know it's the height of summer fun 
when you see so much activity 
happening out on the water
you're not sure where you want to look first
because you might miss out on something!

OH! Look at that!

Jet-Skis whizzing by!
Powerboats moving swiftly!
Ferries going to and fro!
Sailboats cruising along!
Sunfish zig-zagging
in between it all!

And remembering to keep an alert eye 
for subtle details is important. 

As you can see the choices
can become a bit difficult.

Though, the ones moving fast usually 
garner the attention right away!

Binoculars #166 - 'Tommy' detail.

Binoculars #166 - 'Joy Riding' detail.

Binoculars #166 - 'Cruising' detail.


Next up on the easel, work-in-progress, Binoculars #164!

So, stay tuned for more 
'Summer Fun'!

Big Cheers, ~ Polly ~ 


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh, Polly!!! It is fantastic!!! xoxox

Seip Fine Art said...

Thank you dear Lady!! HUGS!!