Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plein-air Efforts of the Day ...

Yesterday's plein-air efforts.
Plein-air / Silver Sunset.
10" x 10". Oil on mdo board. 2013. © 
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Thank you. 
I had a date with Sunset yesterday!!
The two twins Sunrise and Sunset
here at the studio
tend to be the best times of day,
which is perhaps true for everywhere else
 in this beautiful World.
While the anticipation of the Sunset date grew 
I waited patiently for the day to pass by tending 
to the daily chores; tidying the kitchen, a little food shopping,
and of course putting together my ensemble for the Sunset date!
The day seemed slow and as always Sunset shows up on time! 
I had a few locations already chosen and of course Sunset
had something else in mind for me to paint! 
As time was limited I painted earnestly and then
there was this immense wave of urgency to paint,
not just because the light was fading rapidly into night,
but an urgency to paint more, to see more and to live more!! 
It felt like I found my true love (again)
and I can't wait for the next plein-air date
whether it'll be a hit or miss!
Please stay tuned for more what's new from the studio!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~  

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