Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Compositional Challenge ...

Studio Works: Compositional Challenge / Woods and Stream.
8" x 8". Oil on mdo board. 2013. Copyright.
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While at Mohegan Park the other day, after my plein-air efforts 
I walked a bit further up the gravel path to another favourite spot.
The metal and wood planked bridge that spans over a stream.
At this point, I was far too cold (and hungry) to start another painting,
so, I took some photos for reference and compositional purposes.
The diagonal peeked my curiosity - 'Do a diagonal challenge!'
I love the fact that the diagonal visually slices the square panel in half
and the other diagonals counter-balance the extreme of the main one!
I'm looking forward to another plein-air adventure at Mohegan Park!
Please stay tuned for more 'what's new from the studio!'
Cheers, ~ Polly ~


jeronimus said...

Composing in a square is quite tricky, but you have balanced the strong diagonals very well. And captured the low winter sunlight. Lovely work!

Seip Fine Art said...

Thank you, Jeronimus, for your comment! Wooded scenes can be quite challenging and this particular piece is all in an effort to keep my artistic eye fresh, alert and daring! Cheers!