Sunday, November 4, 2012

Reflections and Focus ...

The eve of Sandy's pending arrival.

The day after. The town boat launch.
Sandy leaving the area. Thames River, New London side.
After every storm
there is a rainbow!
Sandy's wrath was
to say the least.
Never in my Life
had I ever experienced
the Earth being so loud
and tremble and shake under
its own strength.
The winds were like
10 freight trains
racing up the hills.
The ground shook
as if being hammered
by 100 waves at once
and it went on for hours.
With great fortune
left my home and studio 
both fully intact,
though we were without
power for 3 days,
it was a very small price to pay.
Days were spent mostly 
tidying things up
and exercising.
Nights were spent
munching on Halloween candy
while playing chess by candlelight.
As Connecticut
and all the other areas
effected by Sandy
return to a sense of normalcy
so, does the level of
progress in the studio. 
Have a little sneak peek!
Detail of Binoculars #175, work-in-progress.
Please stay tuned for
what's to come!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~ 

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