Monday, November 19, 2012

Blast from the Past (3) ...

Plein-air / The Serena of Stonington, CT.
12" x 16". Oil on Canvas. 2001. Copyright.
(Private Collection.)

Things have been busy
in the studio in a number of ways;
new paintings are nearing completion,
new paintings are being started,
new blog posts are waiting to be published
new items have been made and added,
and as always
new horizons are being explored.

Since, all the new pieces are not ready for
their photo-shoot I thought of sharing another
plein-air piece from the past. 
The fishing trawler 'Serena'
from the Stonington Fleet.
was my choice of subject that day.

Anytime an artist sets up in a public place,
the public is bound to become curious
and wants to see what you're up to.
And you just never know
what kind of experience you'll have.

most of my plein-air painting
experiences have been relatively good
though there are a few scary ones
and some rather humourous accounts.

The fishermen of the
Stonington Fleet
at first were a little rough
around the edges,
but in the end
they proved themselves
to be real sweethearts.


On another note from
'what's new in the studio!'

This new shelving/storage/tabletop unit!

Which I designed and made last week,
to fit just behind the easel.
Its thought of being and need
 had been rattling around in my head
for a very long time.
So, I went into the shop,
 rumaged through the scrap pieces
of wood kicking around,
and came up with this!
So far it's working great!
Please stay tuned for more
'what's new in the studio!'
Cheers, ~ Polly ~

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