Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Artist on Artist.


'Artist on Artist.'

 Is an idea I've had for a while
since my own experiences
of being interviewed.

The premise of this idea is
to interview and promote
 visual artists who
I greatly respect and admire
for their skills and talents,
both male and female
any and all genres
any and all mediums.
invite them to my studio blog
for a little 'artist on artist'
by sharing insights
into their ways of working,
 their ways of thinking,
the who's, how's, why's what's, etc,
any up-coming shows,
and of course featuring their work,
all of which that goes into their
Artistic Being.
How this will work on my blog is
I'll feature 6 artists a year,
3 females and 3 males
aternating months and gender.

Last month I interviewed,
sculptor and painter friend,
Gavin Gardner

For December my next artist is
a female painter and printmaker!

So, please stay tuned for the next
'Artist on Artist' interview.

Big Cheers, ~ Polly ~

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