Monday, June 4, 2012

Today's Rainbow Palette ...

Today's Rainbow Palette ...

Offered colourful sails and bright skies
to the panel on the easel!

Before the cleaning .... 

There are some moments in the studio
where I feel truly 'free' as a painter
and those moments are usually found
during the process of cleaning the palette
at the end of a day's work.

In today's cleaning process 
I, unintentionally
made and discovered,
the above,
rather beautiful abstraction.

I almost wish this was a real painting.

Enjoy!  ~ Polly ~ 


Katherine Thomas said...

I always thought the paint swimming around on the palette was a work of beauty in itself! Yours is wonderful! But it's got me curious to know what your usual palette colors are when you start a painting? I'd love to know!

Seip Fine Art said...

Hey Katherine!

I love your idea of 'paint swimming around on a palette' ... makes me want to finger paint!

Yes, you are right, a working palette is a work of art unto itself. A funny story, many years ago while I was out plein-air painting, I was approached by a Frenchman, who was rather insistent on buying my palette 'as is' from my pochade box, I had to decline, simply because I needed the palette. I recall the colours being rather rosey ...

As for the usual colours on my palette, which are also the same colours I use when plein-air painting. From left to right sequence; Winsor Newton Artists Oil Colours: 1. Titanium White, 2. Cadmium Yellow, 3. Winsor Red, 4. Permanent Green, 5. French Ultramarine, and 6. Burnt Sienna, but this palette had a visiting colour of Permanent Rose for the day, which you can see.

All in all, I like keeping a warm and harmonious palette ...

Thanks for asking! How goes it for you in the studio?