Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Surf's Up ...

Binoculars #170 - View from Weekapaug Point, RI. - Surf's Up.
10" x 60". Oil on mdo board. 2012. © Copyright. 


For the 'High Summer' show
at the
Cate Charles Gallery.
June 22, 2012.


I have a fondness for
Weekapaug Point, RI,
which runs deep in my Being
not only because it is an ideal lookout
location for the Binoculars Series,
but also because the many hours of
duely noted observations
contemplations of Life
have been spent here.

With that said
this piece
Binoculars #170,
is a combination of two days.

Perhaps this view has already happened
or maybe it has yet to happen,
either way,
it was extracted
from that deep recesses
of the fondness I have for such a
popular and yet quiet lookout.

I close out with a tune
that often kept me company
while Weekapaug Point
stitched its way into my heart.

Enjoy! ~ Polly ~


Katherine Thomas said...

These are gorgeous and so unique with the horizontal dimensions! Great work!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Pol.lllllllllyyyyyyy!!!!! Just speechless.

Seip Fine Art said...

Katherine, thank you so much. Over the years, the horizontal dimension has become a trademark of mine.

Allison, awhh shucks, thank you my dear cousin!!