Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Fog ...

'Summer Fog at Barn Island'. 8" x 48". Oil on mdo board. 2012. © Copyright.


For the 'High Summer' show
at the
Cate Charles Gallery
June 22, 2012.


This piece is much larger than
its original 6" x 24" plein-air counterpart,
(now in a private collection in Africa!)

The pleasures of working 
in plein-air painting are many,
but the top #1 reason is, 
there is nothing like working from Life
and being 'one' with the elements!
Also, most plein-air pieces tend
to be small in nature
which makes for easier transport and,
one can work effectively, more quickly. 

With the essence of the moment
residing in a small piece,
the work allows itself to be
brought back to the studio
and used for reference
later on.

I hope the transformation
from small to large
was a success!?

Enjoy! ~ Polly ~

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