Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumn backyard Light.

Plein-air - Autumn backyard Light.
8 1/4" x 17". oil on birch. 
A quick little sketch of the early evening light coming into the backyard.
I had not done a plein-air painting in a long while.
I was convincing myself I 'needed' a car in order to go plein-air painting.
This reason was becoming too much of a crutch.
Something I'd hope would never happen.
So, the crutch has been kicked out of my mind-set!
I have everything I need.
A beautiful yard.
The daily (more-or-less) routine of plein-air paitning is something that I've missed dearly.
And want very much to get back into.
The days of when I had a car I was constantly creating new works,
going to new places, showing them and even selling.

Today, I made a promise to myself ...
I am an artist.
I should paint as often as I can no matter what!
I'll paint what is close to me.
The backyard will an outlet for plein-air painting.
Fruits and veggies will make for still-life(s).
The street lights will make for night scenes. 
The Light here is wondrous inside and outside anytime of day!

So, as I sit here and realise how rusty I am at plein-air painting.
I am willing to be kind to myself and enjoy the process of feeling like a beginner again.

The drought is over!

The rain has come!

I will grow again!

And I hope to show you all just how beautiful the Light is!


Sarah S said...

Good attitude Chick!

Rory said...

V nice painting!! :) I love autumnal scenes. And I love your attitude - definitely don't place limitations on your ability to paint. Car or no car, you can be what you are and allow inspiration to come in whatever form it presents itself. Go you!

SplashFoto said...

I love this painting. You captured the light beautifully.

SeipFineArt said...

Why thank you SplashFoto! =)