Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fresh off the Easel ...

Binoculars #193 - Sunburst over North Dumpling Lighthouse.
20" x 20". Oil on Gessoed Sandeply Panel. 2014. Copyright.

Available through the Trade Winds Gallery


This piece came together rather quickly to my surprise
as compared to the average rate it's been taking me to finish pieces this year.

The reason for that is because, over the past years I've taken it upon myself
to put a little more 'effort' into my work ... giving it that 'something'.
which has been beneficial for the most part.

So, it's rather nice when a piece comes together unexpectedly!

And with that .... the painting is of North Dumpling Lighthouse
nestled between the North shores of Fisher's Island (New York)
and the Southern shoreline of Groton Long Point, (Groton, Connecticut).

Please stay tuned from more what's new from the studio!

Cheers, ~ Polly ~ 

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