Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunshine and Sails ...

Binoculars #191 - Sunshine and Sails.
18" x 66". Oil on Gessoed Sandply Panel. 2014. Copyright.
Artist Made Custom Floating Frame. 

Gallery Location to be Announced ...


It was a most glorious day! 
The Sun was shining bright, the water was sparkling,
 and white sails peppered the horizon!

Sparkling water is always a challenge ... 

And what I enjoyed creating the illusion of sparkling water was
using the paint itself, in the regards of thick and thin.
Though, it doesn't translate in the photograph, 
this piece has a lot of texture, which I like.

I've been embracing more texture with my paintings since, my format has gotten so much larger.
Being able to 'play with paint' is incredibly liberating and that allows for the artist's energy 
to transfer itself into a piece, which I'm finding to be far more important in a painting, 
than just a 'pretty' painting that is painted well.

The artist's Spirit and the painting's energy, its voice should resonate with its viewer. 

If you have any questions about this painting, please feel free to ask,
by leaving your question either in the comment section or sending me an email.

Please stay tuned for more what's new from the studio!

Thank you and Cheers, ~ Polly ~

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