Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fine Day for a Sail ...

Binoculars #190 - Fine Day for a Sail.
18" x 72". Oil on Birch Panel. 2014. Copright. 
Custom Artist Made Floating Frame. 
Overall weight with frame 19.2lbs 

Available at Susan Powell Fine Art


Another painting that was waiting to happen. ‘Fine Day for a Sail’ certainly is its namesake … for that day, there were dozens of sailboats out on the water, and amongst all those sailboats there was a sailing race occurring, far out on Long Island Sound. What I enjoyed about creating this piece was using the palette knife a lot and, leaving certain ‘beginning’ marks in the sky and keeping it lose, and later discovering the element of the ‘pairings’ that occurred somewhat unintentionally in the painting; the couple facing each other on the sailboat in the foreground, the seagulls standing next to each other on the rocks, the sailboats paired in the distance … much like a double happiness. I also loved how the shadows from the clouds fell on the water as the sailboats weaved their way in and out of them as they crossed the water.

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