Friday, January 11, 2013

New Works!

Binoculars #174 / View from Watch Hill, RI.
The Kathleen - Running Downwind.
10" x 60". Oil on mdo board. 2012-13. Floating Frame.©
Binoculars #175 / View from Avery Point, CT.
The AJ Meerwald out for a Sail, the day before OpSail2012.
10" x 60". Oil on mdo board. 2012-13. Floating Frame. ©


The weekend of July 6-9 2012
was absolutely magical and magnificent
for any maritime artist!

was scheduled
to happen that weekend
in the city of New London, CT
and unbeknownst to me
at the time so was the
50th Annual Catboat Association Rendez-Vous
which was held in the celebrated
Seaport town of Mystic, CT.

That Friday I decided to my ride
bike down to Avery Point
hoping to see and gather a bunch of
pre-OpSail activities for future paintings.

All I can say is
my hopes became reality,
the day was simply perfect!

Full of glorious sunshine,
crying and laughing gulls,
warm soothing sea-breezes
and lots and lots and lots
of sailing and boating activity!

Oh My!!

It was almost too overwhelming
I simply couldn't wait to
get started on new works!

After the busy day of OpSail,
(which was misty and foggy)
my sister and I
ventured to Watch Hill, RI
for a nice lazy kick-back
day at the beach.

Yet, another perfect day!

Oh My, Oh My!!

One thing I've learned over the years
is that whenever my sister and I
go to the beach together
I don't just bring a towel and suntan lotion
I also bring my Binoculars and camera
because some momentous thing
always happens out on the water!

Like a Catboat with a wonderful
yellow spinnaker sail cruises on by.

Needless to say the weekend was
packed with one painting after another.

And more are still in the works!

Please, stay tuned for more
what's new from the studio!

Cheers, ~ Polly ~

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