Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Blast from the Past ...

'The Passing - Savannah'
20" x 26". Oil on Canvas. 2001.
Hand-made frame. Copyright.
Private Collection: Niantic, CT.
For the last couple of days
I've been doing a 'deep clean' of
tidying up and re-organising
the studio space to make room for
the anticipated influx of new works
all waiting to either be finished or born.
And in doing this 'deep clean'
I came across a couple of 'old' slide sheets
and a pile of photos with images
from my early days as a
'historical marine artist'.
As any historical marine artist,
it is paramount to have reliant and 
accurate source material.
I had been given
a wonderful little book on
from the Addison Gallery of American Art,
at the Phillips Academy of Andover, Mass.
While leafing through the book
I instantly fell in love with
the four masted schooner
the 'Savannah'.
She was clean, bright and
had a classic look about her,
and she was to be my next painting. 
I ventured to the Addison Gallery
so that I could draw her from Life.
The ship models were displayed
in a couple of long,
somewhat dark hallways
in nice large glass cases,
and their arrangements
were like that of a ship parade
which made for very limited viewings.
I found the Savannah,
was she beautiful! 
Her port side faced out
and that's what I had to work with. 
The Savannah,
was a four masted cargo Schooner.
She was designed for the lumber trade.
Here she's left her
home port of Portland, Maine,
bound for the Southern waters
of Georgia and Florida.
Stay tuned for more
from the studio!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~

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