Sunday, September 2, 2012

From the Studio: Photo of the Week, plus update.

Photo of the Week: Sketch Book Kitty - Sept 2, 2012.
aka 'She-Sho'
much like her namesake
is always close-by, 
no matter where
or what I'm doing,
she's Shadow!
Good thing I don't need to use the
sketch book at the moment.
Production at the easel 
has been slow, but steady
and the paint supply
is getting a bit low
so, an order will be made
later this week.
Right now, in the studio
there are 2 Binocular paintings
being packaged up for shipment 
also for later this week bound 
for the Sylvan Gallery.
up in Maine.
I'm using a very simple and cost effective
technique for shipping the paintings.
Normally I use 
which is cleaner when cutting
and is a bit harder for impact,
and since time is of the essence,
I'm using a slightly different foam.
The paintings
are wrapped in shrink wrap,
stacked face to face with
a cardboard spacer,
then sheathed with the foam
held together with yards
of heavy duty packing tape, 
then a heavy duty cardboard skin
is made for extra measure along with
more yards of heavy duty packing tape.
This packing technique takes a while to do
but, it's super compact, very light weight
and overall very effective
for shipping larger paintings.
And speaking of which
I need to get into the studio
finish packing the paintings!
Stay tuned!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~

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