Saturday, July 28, 2012

From the Studio: Photo of the Week, plus update ...

Bare naked panels - Oh My! 7.27.2012.


As you can see
I've been fast at work
in the wood-shop making a number
of new panels for future works which includes 
both binoculars and plein-air pieces.
(total count: 12 - at the moment).

I've given myself some serious mission(s).

The Main Mission:
Create a solid body of work for an inventory
to expand my gallery representation;
mainly Marine Art Galleries.


The Side Mission:
The Binoculars Series
will be getting a slight
makeover in appearance.


Mind you,
both of these missions
have always been
an underlying goal of mine,
but somehow along the way
my supply of mdo becomes limited
my inventory of work
is either not up to my standards
I simply don't have enough work to spare.

No more, I say!

So, during the past few months
I've been diligently at acquiring
new and good reference material
specifically for the Binoculars Series,
and acquiring more mdo board,
which should help keep me busy in the studio,
creating a solid body of work for a while
i.e., inventory!

In the meantime,
I will try my very best
not to get ahead of myself
with grandiose ideas.

No, I will try with all of my might
to focus on creating some 'major' works
and having a good time in the studio.

So, stay tuned for more!

Cheers, ~ Polly ~

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