Sunday, March 11, 2012

From the Studio: Photo of the Week and some thoughts.

Painter's Jar. - March 10, 2012.

The production rate in the studio
this past week was rather slow,
much like pouring molasses,
the complete opposite
of what I was hoping for,
especially when the week started out
with stores of vigor and moxie.

Chiefly for two reasons

1. I had to deal with the shipment
of a rather large painting
with a small shipping budget,
that was destined for its new home in
St Croix of the Virgin Islands.

(which was a success thanks to a friend.)


2. I know that there are some 
key upcoming opportunities,
in the marine art community
that I simply cannot pass up.

So, I shifted my mind and energies
to the nearing deadlines by  
organising dates on the calendar,
the planning of new paintings,
and to my dismay, a total rewrite of
the Binoculars series statement.

And peppered in between
all of the strategizing,
brush marks found their
way onto pieces that have
been begging to be finished.

So, even though it may have
been slow work at the easel
my mind on the other hand
was quick at work
for things to come!

Focus and determination
can carry one far.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Cheers, ~ Polly ~


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