Monday, March 12, 2012

Binoculars #167 - Sky and Water. (nearing completion)

Binoculars #167 - View from Eastern Point - Sky and Water.
8" x 60". Oil on mdo board. 2012. Copyright.


There are times when the pursuit of
looking for exciting boating activity on the water
for new pieces, can be a fruitless effort. 

Though, instead of giving it up as a total loss,
my attention usually turns
 to Race Rock Lighthouse
(if I'm at Avery or Eastern Point(s)),
a favourite fixture on the water,
then my eyes drift to study   
the Sky and the Water,
which always offer 
good sources of inspiration! 

To the South of Long Island,
 somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean,
was some heavy weather lingering about
causing for a multi-layered cloud effect,
everything from fog to cirrus clouds 
creating a rather dramatic view
from the sun-kissed shores of
Southeastern Connecticut.

The results are found in
Binoculars #167 - View from Eastern Point.

Lighthouse and Cloud Detail from Binoculars #167.


Gallery Location to be Announced.

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