Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Painting the Mystery of the Night ...

Night Shift #1 - 2015.
17 1/2" x 7 3/4". Oil on Gessoed Sandeply Panel. 2015.

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10 years ago I started a night scene series of the town I live in of, Uncasville, CT. I enjoyed the series immensely because it was a new challenge for me and while it lasted, and for various reasons I abandoned the series shortly after it was started, for reasons I have since forgotten but, it was series that was never far from my mind and heart ... because while driving around town the series would always whisper to me saying ... 'Over here. Paint me!' ...

Those whispers were telling me 'Pull the Light out of the Dark'. It would tell me where to look; look at the contrast of values, look at the fantastical range of colours, look at the seemingly endless ideas for compositions, look at how you can use the paint itself, and it would tell me to feel the mysteriousness of the night - it all just pulled at my very being!

In my woodshop, I've had a number of varying sized rectangular cut-off panels around for a while, as I would pass by them, I would contemplate what to do with them, and then it struck me, the night scenes were no longer soft whispers but, almost screaming at me for attention! 

As I slowly rekindle this deep love and affection for night scenes ... I can feel its glorious power it's almost intoxicating, but at the same time it's opening my eyes to the magic and mysteriousness that is only found in the night ...

Please stay tuned for more what's new from the studio.

Cheers, ~ Polly ~

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