Thursday, February 27, 2014


Binoculars #187 - Opus.
20" x 72". Oil on Gessoed Sandply Panel. 2014.

Gallery location to be announced ...


The title of piece was inspired for two reasons.
1. for its very definition - any artistic work, esp. one on a large scale.
(and 20"x 72" is large for me)
and 2. by the album title by musical artist, Schiller.

While working in the studio I often listen to music.
I find it gives me rhythm and inspiration, it leads me straight to
'the zone'
where hours just suddenly fly by and the next thing I know
the day has turned into night, and it's time to rest the brushes and palette knives.

When it comes to titling a piece, in the past,
I always included the exact location of the scene ...
but now that has changed for me.
I've noticed over the years by pin-pointing a place
a sense of mystery is removed from the viewer
and has locked the painting into a specific realm.

So, I would like to restore that sense of wonder,
by freeing the painting so it can be appreciated for its own merit,
and to give the viewer a feeling as if they've discovered the location
on their own while out and about on a peaceful, meditative walk.  

I'm restoring my painting's voice,
 so that it may speak directly to the heart.


With that, I leave you with the stages of this new born piece.

If you have any questions about this painting, please feel free to ask,
by leaving your question either in the comment section or sending me an email.

Please stay tuned for more what's new from the studio!

Thank you and Cheers, ~ Polly ~


jeronimus said...

Beautiful work!

Seip Fine Art said...

Hey there Jeronimus!

Thank you so much!

Cheers, ~ Polly ~