Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Plein-air Efforts of the Day ...

Plein-air / Spring Light.
10" x 10". Oil on mdo board. 2013. ©
It always amazes me with plein-air painting,
that no matter how great the desire
is to get out there and paint, paint, paint! ....
sometimes it can be such a struggle at the easel!
Needless to say - that is exactly what I've been facing
with my most recent plein-air efforts.
For things to simply flow at the easel or in life in general
one's mind must truly be at peace with the current affairs in one's life.
I'm hoping in the coming weeks my mind will find peace 
and things can get back on track and it'll be business as usual.

At the easel ...
Please stay tuned for more
what's new from the studio!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~

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