Friday, December 21, 2012

(Big) Blast from the Past (4) ...

It's been a long while
since the last blog spot.

Between then and now
things in the studio have been
a bit slow, sporadic though steady.

The anticipation of the Holidays
always endues a certain
amount of extra stress. 

There are a couple of new Binoculars paintings
 nearing completion, but are not worthy of posting quite yet.

Once they're finished and framed
blog posts will follow! 

So, in the meantime
 while I am here dusting of the blog
I share with you another
'Blast from the Past'

I recently came across another
photo of a plein-air painting
I did back in the Summer of 1999.
The Mystic Seaport - Thomas Oyster Co. and the Nellie.
12" x 16". Oil on Canvas. 1999. Copyright.
Private Collection.
Oh, the Summer of 1999,
how great is was!!
From book end to book end
it was packed with
adventure, fun, and opportunities!
There were two big highlights
of that sweet Summer,  
1. My sister and I, planned and took
a month long 'cross-country' trip together. 
which was immediately
followed by highlight
2. The first 'John Stobart Workshop'.
 I was still in school at the time
(and also the very last person to have)
signed-up for John Stobart's workshop. 
It was a once in a lifetime opportunity
that I just could not miss!
The plein-air workshop took
the eager and excited group of
Stobart admirers to the picturesque
Connecticut towns of 
Old Lyme, Noank and Mystic
and then later off to Westport Mass,
the location of Stobart's home and studio.
The plein-air trip to
the Mystic Seaport
proved to be the highlight
of the entire workshop
in more ways than one. 
Later, after the workshop
had become a fond memory,
Stobart was kind enough to feature me
in his studio newsletter
'Palette Scrappings'.
Stobart took a snapshot of me and my painting
in its very beginning stages at the Mystic Seaport. 
I was also approached by a gentleman
(within the workshop itself)
who was very much interested in buying my painting.

So, I returned the Mystic Seaport after the workshop
 for a few  plein-air sessions to finish the piece on-site.
Reference photo of the slope the 'Nellie'.

A couple Stobart workshop attendants
fast at work in Stobart's Westport home backyard.

Stobart (in the middle) giving a group critique at the end of the day.

Stobart's (messy) studio.
Stobart and myself during a lunch break.
Oh my, what fun it was!
Please stay tuned for more
'Blasts from the Past'
and other what's new
from the studio updates!
Cheers, ~ Polly ~

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