Monday, December 5, 2011

At the beginning there was Art!

Detail image from the film Cave of Forgotten Dreams,
(Chauvet Cave paintings.)

Last evening we watched a spellbinding documentry 
by celebrated film director Werner Herzog.

'Cave of Forgotten Dreams'

Imagine ...
some 32,000 years ago,
the first Human Beings 
took their hands and visions,
and created the first piece(s) of Art
in a cave now called Chauvet cave
in Southern France.

It is nearly impossible to fathom,
a time span of 32,000 years in Human history. 
Though at the same time it is easy to believe that 
while our Ancestors roamed the Planet staking their claim,
hunting and gathering, surviving and thriving,
they were indeed creating Art
both visual and musical.

Perhaps the most beautiful Art in the World was created then.

These first paintings
are an affirmation to the ever question,
'Why is Art important?'

The Answer ...
Art and the act of creating Art are important because
it continues to be our common thread,
our direct and Spiritual connection to our first Ancestors.

From the first modern day discoverer's of the cave, just a few mere decades ago,
to Werner Herzog's film crew and everyone in between 
who have had the honour of going into the cave and seeing the Art
collectively experienced a 'sense of being watched'.

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