Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Two Old Friends

Binoculars #188 - Two Old Friends.
18" x 66". Oil on Gessoed Sandeply Panel. 2014.

Available through Susan Powell Fine Art  


Words from the studio ....

This piece has always made me smile, from its conception to its finished state!

It was two summer’s ago, during that fantastic weekend of the OpSailCT2012 activities, 
when I spotted these two old friends out on the water fishing, in their nice, clean skiff, 
that I knew they would become immortalized in a painting someday! 

The painting itself went through a few stages of metamorphosis - originally it was in a square format, 
however as that painting progressed, it just didn’t feel ’right’. 
So, I changed the format completely to its current horizontal format and 
enlarged the size of the two old friends, and I also changed the vessel type(s) 
in the background, from a lone fishing trawler to a collection of varied Schooners, 
giving the piece a more relaxed feeling and quiet dignity, 
and then ...... the painting just came together.  

The OpSailCT2012 weekend was simply a magical moment in time; 
the weather was perfect and there was such a fervor of activities up and down the coast, 
that I mixed and matched elements I gravitated towards to create ‘Two Old Friends’, 
and it’s just one of a thousand stories from that beautiful weekend. 

What I truly enjoy about ‘Two Old Friends’ is that it makes me feel happy 
and it conjures up dozens of questions;
how long have they been friends?,
how did they meet?,
do they have any kids/grand-kids?,
how often do they go fishing together?,
whose skiff does it belong to?, (the one in the bow or stern)
where do they live?,
what are their names?, etc ...
that could create a thousand different storylines.  

I hope you enjoy 'Two Old Friends' as much as I do!

Cheers, ~ Polly ~

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